Colourscapes artwork 14

Colourscapes artwork 14

Tommaso Fantoni

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Italy, 2016 ‐ 2019

Acrylic on linen
20 x 20 cm

"Tommaso Fantoni, architect and designer, nephew of Osvaldo Borsani, is a recent discovery of mine with which I started collaborating in 2019. The series of works of art Colourscapes, acrylic paintings on linen in small format, was exhibited as an installation during the Salone del Mobile and represents an abstract analysis of the world of nature and architecture in relation to color, combining geometric shapes reduced to a simple line, with backgrounds of bright colors often deliberately contrasted with the ordinary colors of architecture and design. Inspired by real architectures, plants, sections or photographs, the result is then a research on pure color, declined in countless variations and applied to a vision of the landscape as natural as it is artificial.

The series is accompanied by a younger group of works called Fessure, whose intent is to analyze and represent through color the ambiguous nature of the human being and its inevitable and continuous necessity to make choices, with results and consequences that are sometimes hardly distinguishable, other times radically different." Nina Yashar