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Travel Vase 76

Gaetano Pesce

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Italy, 2003

Made of a cloudy soft polyurethane resin membrane held by three multicolored resin legs. Realized in 200 numbered unique examples in exclusive for Nilufar Gallery.
d 24 x h 35 cm

"I met Gaetano Pesce by chance, when he happened to pop in the gallery in via della Spiga, as he used to pass by. We immediately got in tune and, during one of our fish-based dinners in one of his favorite restaurants, he proposed me the first exclusive project for the gallery: a unique edition of three silicone rugs, which I presented at Nilufar in 2001. The three rugs were incredibly successful not only for their absolute innovation and avant-garde flair (no one had ever made silicone carpets before) but also for the amazement they raised in myself as I saw such different pieces showcased for the first time in my gallery. That episode led to many further collaborations, including the creation in 2003 of a special series of polyurethane resin vases consisting of 200 numbered pieces in exclusive to Nilufar.

From the mid-nineties Gaetano Pesce had already designed vases for Fish Design but for me he did want to create a unique example of “travel” vase, which could be rolled-up and packed, consisting of a soft polyurethane resin pot, in a range of colors from yellow, to ocher, to pinkish orange, with three holes near the upper edge meant for three colored resin legs to fit in and hold it in shape. Each vase is unique and never exactly replicable, therefore it bears a printed serial number which makes the object even more exclusive." Nina Yashar